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Making Sure the Target the right audience - Versatile Premedia

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Making Sure the Audience does not Forsake Your Script— Target the right audience

The very thought that your book could be abandoned-is unpleasant. 

You sure can write a book without caring for your audience, but don’t expect it to sell. Only if you take that extra step to make it customer-friendly, you can expect it to do well in the market and stay that way for long. 

Reason is–

As soon as the readers question your storyline, they are capable of cutting off totally from your story. Once they do that, the script is deserted, and that becomes unavoidable.

Just writing any book is called Diary, without keeping clients in mind. So, if you want your writing to be successful, you sure need an audience. 

Hence, think and define your audience beforehand. 


Keeping your audience in mind get these steps right—

  1. Don’t expect a wide audience

If you think that everyone who reads your book is going to like it, it is not true. There is, in fact, no book written so far that appeals to everyone. There are very few non-fiction books published each year that have an audience of more than a hundred thousand. The fact is, the majority of the books are completely unappealing to most audience, which is ok.

  1. The Angle of Approach—

Almost all authors are better-off putting their book into the “foot wide, miles deep” category. It’s challenging to write a book with a wide appeal. Even Professional Writers who sell their books for a living, do not write comprehensive scripts. They define a precise audience. Attraction from a wide audience will not help you. 

Do you know—The more audiences you try to reach, the worse your book will perform. A book that the smaller audience likes, are much more valuable than a book with a broad subject that is barely engaging to many audiences. Most people read non-fiction scripts because they expect it to provide a positive impact in their lives and know it’s specifically for them. 


Key Points— 

  1. Remember-your audience only cares what your book will bring them

The audience will care least for your script if you cannot compellingly explain why it gives value to them. Do you care about the writer’s goal as a reason to buy the book? NO right? You will only buy it if you think it’s worth it. That is exactly what your audience is going to think. 


  1. Differentiate between Thoughts of Audience and Statistics of the population 

Target the audience more on the psychographics rather than the statistics. Statistics explain “who” the audience is, while psychographics explains “why” they buy the script. Psychographics show the interests, opinions, values and emotions, whereas Demographics show statistics like age, income etc.

Understanding the difference is vital in marketing. Digital media has made demographics less predictive of human behaviour. The difference between how people think are now more critical in (most) marketing than who they appear to be.

            3.Focus on Psychographics 

When you focus more on psychographics, you are focusing on the emotions and values of the people you Visualise your book targeting. Psychographics force you to understand your audience, by “putting yourself in their shoes”.

The best authors use both, to deeply understand who their audience is, what they want, and why, and once they know that, they write a book for a small group of people. If you genuinely want to change the world and reach tons of people, this is how you should do it.

It’s crucial to not only nail your audience but to make that audience very specific.

Let’s see—


Primary Audience

Your primary audience is like a Bullseye. Starting with a small audience can make your book successful. You can assure yourself that your book will definitely reach someone. This focus ensures that your audience will get excited about your ideas and will share it with their others. 


—One book conversation with different Audiences

This sounds a little difficult. You can have a few different sets of primary audiences, make sure if you do, they connect in an obvious way.

You must describe a specific person, as it makes positioning your book more real. Clearly, understand that it serves as a yardstick against which you can measure the value of your content when you begin writing.

The more you envision a real person who you can help, the more excited you will be about writing this book for them. In other words, your book is the cure, but we first have to know what ails them.

Most important, what changes or transformation can occur in a reader’s life 

With this prolonged “Focus on the Targeted audience”, your audience will be able to understand the interest and effort you are trying to put into writing the book that can help them. So, when they move away from your writing, it’s not because they are abandoning it, but because they have reached a satisfying end. 

This will make them come back for more…. Success is right here.


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