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Typesetting Service

Versatile, the publishing production partner for STEM, delivers typesetting services that empower publishers to stay ahead of competition in the publishing landscape. Our completely customizable XML-based publishing platform and quality-focused process at content enhancement and composition stages automate typesetting services and entirely enable a timely and cost-efficient publishing process across multiple workflows.

Typesetting Services

1. Content Enhancement

Our content experts specialize in delivering a wide range of editorial services across books, journals, and references work that simplify the process of industry-specific and publisher-specific style guides, we support our content specialists with cognitive tools and automation that simplify the process. Our client-specific editorial teams focus on training subject-matter specialists, building expertise, and expanding the talent pool based on our client’s unique content requirements to deliver copy editing for fiction and non-fiction publishers and other editorial services.


Comprehensive proofreading not only for sense, correcting language, grammatical errors, and typos, but also for layout and formatting across genres and publisher-specific divisions.


An efficient combination of human expertise and technology helps in automating the structuring, normalization, file clean-up, and editorial log generation of the incoming files based on client-specific guidelines and standard publishing rules.


Semi-automated tasks managing all the mechanical and style-related aspects of editing, from reference editing and structuring, float validation, and abbreviation check to head level checks and credit line checks.


Light, medium, and heavy language editors for fiction and non-fiction publishers, who work based on standard and publisher-specific language editing guidelines, reviewing the text for language; performing factual checks; evaluating grammar, punctuation, legal adherence, and consistency; and raising queries to the author and publisher where required.


Completely automated reference mark-up and structuring process through style-specific pattern matching and coding, identifying missing elements within references.


Word and proof indexing capabilities including subject-matter indexing specialists, conventional indexing skill sets, automated XE-tag-based index generation, online format-compliant indexing solutions, and index editing.

2. Composition Services

Our composition services leverage innovation to deliver an error-free, intelligent production workflow, right from incorporating smart automation at every step to deriving analytical insights at every stage for process monitoring and improvements. Whether the requirement involves digital-first products, publisher-specific XML requirements, or customized publishing, Versatile, the trusted publishing partner for STM publishers, thus delivers composition services that suit every unique requirements of every publisher.

3. Artwork/Illustration

Efficient artwork processing is at the heart of any publication process. Creativity, quality, and productivity are at the core of every successful artwork program. Our artwork and illustration team easily conquers all these requisites through technology, creativity, and skills. From tools that support in simple scanning to complex art creation and standard pre-flight checks that validate art quality for both print and online outputs, the artwork of your publications is indeed in safe hands.


  • Drawing
  • Scanning
    • Line Art
    • Halftones
  • Resizing/ Relabelling


  • Drawing
    • Redrawing
    • Graphs and Charts
  • Concept to Drawing
  • Medical Drawing
  • Hand-Drawing


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Print Publishing Services

Cataloguing across vast content forms – XML, illustrations, or other extensive databases – requires transforming content in multiple formats into an organized and presentable layout. The main challenges of cataloguing include

  • The need for a quick turnaround time
  • Customizable prerequisites for handling any extent of complexity – in terms of voluminous data layout and design, type of content, and languages
  • The risk associated with loss of content while transforming sensitive content into an organized structure
  • Ensuring data security during the cataloguing process

Versatile’s cataloguing service leverages its robust in-house tool, Catalogue Automation System (CAS), delivers efficiently to overcome all these challenges with ease.

Catalogue Creation

Cataloguing Services from Versatile


Book review contributes significantly toward gaining visibility and is a strong marketing tool for your publications. The unbiased and in-depth book reviews from our content experts supported by well-designed and concise book review catalogues help reinforce your direct and tailored sales and marketing campaigns.


Versatile completely takes over the entire cataloguing responsibility of publishers, from capturing data of all the best-selling books, packaging the content, and delivering creative and compact designs for catalogues, saving time and cost, but without compromising on the quality of the output.


Catalogue creation is not just limited to publishing but also expands to other verticals, from automotives to wines. Our comprehensive experience across industries helps us streamline the process, from data capture to catalogue design and distribution, sometimes compressing the process that usually takes months for the customer into just a couple of weeks!

Unique Features

Cataloguing services across all verticals – from manufacturing to pharmaceutical industries.

CAS, our in-house cataloguing tool, which is an Adobe InDesign-based automation system has the ability to convert voluminous content into an organized format.

Uniform deliverables across multiple channels, working from print to digital format.

Extensive customization to accommodate a wide range of workflows. Faster time to market with zero compromise on the quality of deliverables at each stage.

A rapid mechanism, processing 1000+ pages within a couple of minutes.

Based on ONIX 3.0 and 4.0 system, which is one of the most ideal formats to create and accurate metadata of information – be it text, image, video, or audio.

An extensive variety of catalogues, including industrial catalogue, product catalogue, book catalogue, product list, pharmaceutical and medical catalogues, coffee table catalogue, e-catalogue and electronic catalogue, and print catalogues.

Uniform deliverables across multiple channels, working from print to digital formats.

Extensive options to customize, from simple to complex designs, multi-colours, and multiple-column layout to multi-language formats.

What you will gain from versatile’s cataloguing services

The ability to organize any extent of voluminous content across various formats.

Almost real-time cataloguing process, resulting in quick turnaround time.

A category-based, multi-level sorting of data as per specific requirement.

Completely customizable system in terms of type of content, design, language, and themes.

Catalogue Services

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