Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers

Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers – Publishing partner provides the new author with the full support of an established publishing house. The writer’s scripts are edited for converting the raw material into professional format books ready for publishing. The primary purpose of the language Editors for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers is to make the content published, error-free from the language point of view. 


*Copy-Editing– This is designed to capture all the errors and irregularities in the script.

*Designing Book Cover – Designers will work with the authors to produce a cover for their book– an essential factor in encouraging readers to buy the book.

*Typesetting – Sample lay-up designs will set out the text and illustrations. Once it is accepted the manuscript is turned into page proofs, ready for printing.

*Press time—Proofread manuscripts are sent for printing. 

*Marketing – Details of your book are sent to distributors to help them place it in the market

Benefits of a Publishing Partner–

Publishing partners work with our authors to design, publish and market their books—

  • Finally, the project [ Your publication] stops being an idea and starts becoming a reality. You finally get it through.
  • Writers get personal support at every point, along the path. It is from someone who not only cares about your project but cares about you as an individual and wants you to have a good experience becoming an author. 
  • You retain all creative and financial control, but you don’t have to do all the work. Isn’t that great?
  •  You have someone qualified and knowledgeable who capably handles the smallest details and logistics.
  • The writer is guaranteed a high-quality finished product that, they will always be proud of. 

Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers Publishing partners help take the risk of publishing new writers since the cost of the publication is shared. In return, work is done alongside, through all the stages of writing from manuscript editing to sales to ensure the best possible results. Partner Publishing does not end with publication— it is ongoing with book sales. If the book proposal has potential, the publishing company will offer a ‘partnership contract’ that includes an offer, to be paid by the author, and the royalty rate that they will receive on sales. 

Once the editorial board agrees on a book proposal, the draft is submitted, and an editor is appointed, who will work with the author, throughout the following process.

Your Book and You—

Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers Publishing a book is a big venture. You sure must have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, why have you written the script, and who you hope will read the book. If you are an expert in your field, then there will be people who need the information you can provide. You could have a great story that could make an excellent novel.All new and existing authors – need to put effort into promoting their book once published.

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