Online-first, simultaneous print and online publication, and print first workflows – the changing face of publishing deliverables and its effect on content quality

Publishing industry is now in the midst of massive change, responding to the demands of the digital age readers and their multi-platform consumption habits. The traditional form of delivering content through a simple, static medium has shifted to immersive experiences. eBooks, interactive books, e-readers and the horde of digital delivery mechanisms have transformed the face of publishing deliverables.

Publishing workflows and their effects

In the traditional workflow people make their print product first and their digital last. In this case, each book or document is created by one author using some form of text editor or word processor. The document is created, edited, and then published. eBooks, if needed are created by technology partners who converts the print-oriented content to functional eBooks.

The digital first workflow for eBooks is very similar to the traditional publishing workflow except for the end product, which is digital, not paper. Publishers use the same publishing software to publish to an EPUB file that they use for print.

Simultaneous delivery of print, online and EPUB files is one of the most important requirements for remaining competitive in publishing today. In order to capitalize on the digital capabilities, publishers are today working to get their content into XML much sooner in the workflow. ‘XML early’ means converting your content to XML early on in your workflow to enable you to produce content for multiple channels and to easily reuse content.

XML enables you to design and prepare content in a way that is completely portable and open, which in turn enables a wide range of applications. In the XML first or XML early approach, content is created and immediately transformed into XML that is used to generate digital products such as EPUB.  Edits can be handled online using collaborative review tools. This speed up the editing and allows multiple editors to work on the content simultaneously. Content updating is easy and seamless and corrections at any stage are incorporated only into XML.

Leverage the Versatile solutions

XML based publishing workflow is a reaction to user demand that content be available faster, easier, and responsive. Developing a synchronous approach that will result in an efficient and cost-effective publishing process is critical to success in publishing sector.

While digital medium offers publishers new opportunities to deliver content, it also presents workflow and delivery obstacles. Although digital publishing offers a wider, faster platform for content, it is also a far more complex one. As a result, digital publishing has presented workflow difficulties that have aggravated publishing processes.

Versatile manages all the complexities of publishing deliverables through an XML-based publishing engine, which connects multiple journal and book-based production workflows, formats, and designs. Simplifying and streamlining the entire publishing process, we deliver consistent-quality deliverables whether it is print, digital, web, or mobile.

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