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Every eBook conversion service is especially constructed to assist the publishers and multilingual authors to cover a wide audience base. Experts of eBook conversion not only alter, translate and localize the contents but also upgrade the conventional ones to the formats that are preferred by the readers.

Conversion of the contents into various eBook formats such as epub, MOBI, PDF, epub2, epub3, KF8 etc has been a challenge for most of the authors and publishers of eBooks.

But now, the EBook conversion partners provide and deliver expertise assistants in end-to-end creation and conversion of eBook services.

The conversion partner aids the user by providing with easy services over the conversion of epub format to MOBI format based on their requirements. The wide range of customization offered such as creating user friendly and improved e books marks the base line in the process of selecting the customization partner.

The conversion partners also provide fast user friendly and professional services. Some conversion partners even offer service for publishing and distribution of the eBooks through marketing and distribution channels.

EBooks are to be compatible with all prominent eBook sellers, such as Ingram, Google, Amazon, Barnes, apple etc. Epub and MOBI are two well known eBook formats.

Before converting e pub to MOBI, it is important to understand the differences and similarities between them. Understanding the differences between them paves a long way in deciding the format in which the book is to be published and corresponding conversion partner.


  • Epub is a regular format of eBook which can be used in a number of devices such as tablets and computers.
  • Epub is a format that is profoundly used among eReaders.
  • Publishing is made easy in the epub format.
  • Epub 2 and Epub 3 formats are also available providing the authors and publishers with a number of formatting options.
  • One major demerit for Epub format is that, this format is not supported in kindle and Amazon devices.


MOBI format has its own advantages which, many of us are not even aware of.

  • They have the potential to take contents which are more complex; navigation controls which are advanced can be included.
  • Mobi format is capable of supporting the addition of multiple pages of their own, open hand drawings, customization of lettering, bookmarks and even for taking notes.
  • MOBI is a format which is more specifically supported by kindle and Amazon.
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