5 points on what to expect from eBook conversion software

EBook conversion softwares are known to produce formatted eBooks with enhanced quality in record time. These eBook conversion softwares comes in handy for converting mega sized files in minimal time, accuracy and cost. The most suitable conversion software is used by the ebook conversion service providers for every ebook serving as the best option for upcoming authors and publishers.

Listed down below are the top five points to check before selecting eBook conversion software.

Formatting options

It’s vital to select software which is capable of accepting multiple types of file formats such as Indesign, MS word, AZW, html, text files and which can generate output in the formats as required by the users. More specifically, the software should be able to produce output in the epub format as it is one of the major file formats used by every reading device across the world. Multiple formatting options provided by a software has its own advantages as it can be read on any e-reader like kindle, smart phone and tablets.

Layout options

Good ebook conversion software provides content appropriate layouts. There are two main variety of layout options available, i.e. fixed and reflowable layout. For books having heavy text content with small number of graphs, tables and charts, reflowable layout formatting is suitable whereas for eBooks containing a large amount of graphics, illustrations and representations, fixed layout are the ideal ones. Thus, the selected ebook conversion software must contain multiple layout options.

Updated version:

While working with software, there are chances of missing out the recent updates. Thus, ebook conversion services regularly update the softwares for better functioning. Updated softwares and newer versions have added functions and usually for rectify the errors in the previous versions. The ebook conversion service providers ensure that the software used is trustworthy and in continuous notion of improvements.



Sometimes is necessary to add image files like png, jpeg and multimedia files such as gif, videos and audios to the ebook. Conversion services use the suitable software that supports the particular file format as per requirement.


Additional elements

The most important factor that makes an ebook interactive is the innovative elements and functions added to it. Elements like zoom, page jump, bookmark, highlight, read out, night and day modes makes a quality ebook with user friendly interactions. E book conversion services make sure that these features and functions are retained by the software used during the time of conversion.

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