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How to Turn Your Book into-‘Best Captivating Seller’ - Versatile Premedia

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How to Turn Your Book into–‘The Best Captivating Seller’?

Many people want to write a book, but very few do, which probably is not surprising. Out of those who become authors—go on to write books that sell just a handful of copies. What can the reason be? This concept of ‘The bestseller’ has enchanted writers, publishers, and also the public. 

So, what makes a book the ‘bestseller’ — let’s see. Can we call this phenomenon a complete coincidence or the result of a carefully planned and executed advertising campaign?

Well, the answer is –it’s none of them. 


What could be defined as the “Best Captivating Seller”?

A bestselling author does not mean endless compliments and topping success one after another. Once upon a time, ‘Bestseller’ meant, a book that sold more than other books. Initially, most bestsellers were works of fiction, but later it began to add works of nonfiction too. Today, ‘Best Seller’ means a book that has hit one of the most significant bestsellers lists. 


Interpreting the term “Bestseller” differently

Let’s say “it’s an article [ book in this case] whose sales are among the toppers of its class.” Publishing studies have shown that a new book, on an average, will sell about 250-300 copies but no more than 2000 copies in its lifetime. Majority of books do the same, so selling more than this amount would technically make your book a bestseller. 

Since we now have an idea of what a best seller could mean—let’s see how to write one. 


How to write an “Engaging Bestseller.”

If you want to be different, you’re going to have to do something different. To be a successful author, you should not just write any book. It has to be ‘A Book Worth Selling’. 

The standard advice for writers is to “Just write a Good Readable Book”.


However, what does that mean?

Multiple attempts have been made to crack this code on what makes a bestselling book, and a general conclusion is that mega best-selling books are often a surprise to both the publisher and the author.

Here are some tips on making your book boost for success and for a chance to become a Bestseller—

Starting with a Plan–A big idea builds the best seller. Creating something fresh and interesting is vital. Look for a subject that will get readers excited to pick up your book. A topic or idea that will want readers to come back for more.


Writing—‘Keeping the Readers in mind’— The script should be such that it can be easily shared and talked about, as it touches on some universal themes. In simple terms– don’t just write a book for your satisfaction but weave your big idea throughout the book.

Clarity in Writing— Bestsellers are clear. Remove the clutter that can easily distract your reader from the actual message. Editing is not just about making the book grammatically perfect; instead, it’s the process of making your book, turn into what it’s supposed to be. So, every time you edit your writing, ask yourself, “Is this helping me in what I’m trying to say, or is it hurting it?”

Wrapping your book to spread. Bestsellers are packaged to sell. The title, cover, and design are all just correctly done to help the message scatter. What people feel after reading your book will affect how well the book sells and how soon. The goal is not only to make the sales but also give clients something they would love to share. 

 To launch a bestseller, you have first to write one–a book that is worthy of being sold to thousands of people. Many people want to write a book someday, but without a plan, most never will.

Pay attention to the steps that involve in writing a great book. You will be able to publish your work with confidence and satisfaction, knowing, that you are conditioning it up for prosperity instead of merely hoping people pay attention.




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