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Extensive customisation of workflows, auto-galley proof for books and journals production, integrating a wide gamut of design templates and formatting elements, and processing multiple languages are some of the characteristics of Publishing Automation System that promote the production stages of the publishing process.

After several stages’ before Publishing the Journal’– the last stage in the process–is the galley proof stage. This step is for every writer as it is the last chance for them to do their concluding modifications in their script. But, as this is the later stage, the author is not allowed to make any critical content changes in the journal.

The progressive reading copies developed by the publishers—before the typesetting stage for the publishers, are the Galley Proof for journal productionGalley proofs are the introductory version of the journal that is used for circulating among the editors, publishers, and proofreaders for review.

Galley Proof for Journal Production is published in a minimal number of copies and distributed in the form of PDFs and hard copy mode as per the necessity.

Galley proof for journal production is the finishing copy of the journal printed to check how the final document will be displayed once the typesetting is wholly done. Galley proof for journal production endures in the publishing industry even before the modern printing era had started.

In the Letterpress time, the Galley Proofs were created using metal strips. The editors vertically arranged the metal strips for the publisher to look for the modifications to be done. But this covered much space in the printing press, which has now been changed to a single sheet of paper, making it simple for the publishers to review.

Galley proofs are distributed among various proofreaders with the idea of receiving ideas about the journal and be aware of the changes required. Considering the recommendations made by the editors and proofreaders, it depends on the interest of the writer.

In this stage, the writer does the changes if it is essential for the book, paving the way to its Publication.

Auto Galley Proof for Journal Production is created for Proofreading, Copy editing, Promotion and Review. They are circulated among the editors with a specific time limit depending on the publisher. The editors have to finish the work and send it to the publishers within that time frame to avoid delay of Publishing the journal. Time saving and Cost saving is factored through this Publishing Automation System.

The proposal made in galley proofs is considered by the publisher during the time of printing. The Galley proofs are sent to the journal if the suggestions are accepted. The modifications are incorporated in the final version of the Publication. At this stage, the journal will be error-free and will be all set for Publication.

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