PAS manages all the complexities of a constantly transforming publishing landscape through an XML-based publishing engine, which connects multiple journal and book-based production workflows, formats, and designs. Designed for cost-effectiveness, limited manual intervention, and integrating and standardizing processes, PAS is a powerful cloud-based publishing platform that simplifies, streamlines, and customizes publishing workflows with zero compromise on quality. The solution brings together every expert service that’s essential across the publishing process, from technical editing services for publishers to digital distribution services across the globe.


PAS seamlessly manages the all the critical activities of the editorial stage. The processes streamlined at this stage include manuscript submission, screening, book costing, castoff, proposal of author contract, and editorial responsibilities including manuscript completeness and plagiarism checks.

PAS creates a portal for authors to prepare their manuscript according to publisher-specific guidelines, submit the synopsis (along with book information) or the entire prepared manuscript through their unique logins, and track the progress of their submissions online – from preliminary manuscript screening to peer review, book costing, and final approval. The transparent and streamlined pre-production process sets the foundation for a smooth and precise publication process.


During the production stages, PAS automates more than 90% of the individual journal- and book-based production workflow services for publishers from technical editing and editorial tasks to composition or page layout and author proof review tasks. This cloud-based publishing platform delivers automation of level 0 technical editing and reference structuring, and enables both non-XML- and XML-first-based automated pagination for typesetting using InDesign platform. The XML-based e-proofing system enables authors to work directly from an HTML view of the proofs, such that their corrections are automatically updated in the XML.

Extensive customization of workflows, auto-galley proof for books and journals production, integrating a wide gamut of design templates and formatting elements, and processing multiple languages are some of the features of PAS that facilitate the production stages of publishing process.

Delivering multiformat print and digital outputs simultaneously forms a critical aspect of the post-production stage of publishing. PAS also manages the effortless, cost-effective, and accurate conversion of content of any format into multiple eBooks and other digital formats simultaneously.


PAS efficiently manages the printing stages of the post-production process through a seamless, version-controlled transition from the production stages to the printer’s system. PAS also manages sending quotations and PO requests to printers.

PAS delivers global distribution and marketing services for both the print and digital content across 200+ digital channels. The intelligent client interface online system of PAS provides extensive audience-focused content discoverability and smart data insights to tweak marketing and distribution strategies based on targeted marketing and sales performance.


  • Achieve upto 30% cost saving with the end-to-end process automation enabled by PAS.
  • Simplify and streamline the entire publishing process from simple to complex production workflows, such as early XML-first workflow production process.
  • Leverage end-to-end automation options for your entire production process with solutions such as auto-galley proof for books and journals production.
  • Cloud-based solutions with version-controlled process management with seamless integration across all stages.
  • Extensive customization to accommodate a wide range of workflows.
    Faster time to market with zero compromise on the quality of deliverables at each stage.
  • Consistent-quality deliverables – print, digital, web, and mobile.

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