why eBook Store Validation Tool

Nevertheless, the eBook is all set for publishing until it is tested for its look on various platforms of publication. To find out how the book will be available for readers in different platforms and to check the final preview of the eBook, eBook store validation tool is used. The eBook may look acceptable in your desktop but it is not the same in other devices. Hence eBook validation is done for the codes within the books to make sure it is displayed in form on all kinds of devices. The eBook store accepts books that are valid and appear reasonable in all displays. Few well known eBook validation tools are listed below.


“EPUB Validator (beta)” is the most widely used eBook store validation tool to check whether the eBooks are adhered in the standard format. The International Digital Book Forum has established the regulations for an eBook validation process. The eBook file once uploaded to the site, the back end check is made for the codes. Negligible corrections in codes are corrected whereas the key change in the codes is reverted to the author. The validation errors are notified to the authors as soon as the file is uploaded. This online tool validates data up to 10MB file size. EPUB validator is used for both EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 formats of files and it is only for personal use. For larger volume of eBook validation paid sites are be used.

Epubreader (Firefox)

To check the compatibility of the eBook in Firefox, Epubreader is used. It is a Firefox add on, hence no external software is needed. Epub reader is a HTML 5 based eBook reader which reads Epub without Digital Rights Management (DRM).  The eBook once imported into the reader, it will be ready for the readers. The Epub that appears acceptable in this will also be valid in other displays. Clicking the Epub link in Firefox will automatically direct to the Epubreader. This validation tool is available for offline users as well in 26 different languages. 35000 worldwide users of Firefox use this tool to read on a daily basis.


Kindle Previewer

Kindle previewer is another eBook store validation tool used to confirm how the eBooks will come out in six diverse platforms of kindle namely Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle DX, Kindle iPad, Kindle iPhone and Kindle.  Kindle Previewer allows the author to preview the eBook with the latest typographic and outline improvements that come with superior typesetting. Kindle previewer helps the author to confirm the eBook appearance prior to its publication.


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