Why content discoverability is fast becoming a critical factor in creating success stories in publishing

You have written a great book and got it published. The next step, and an important one, is to take the book to the readers and sell copies of that book. With digital publishing and self-publishing on the rise, the number of books available on the market has skyrocketed, making it extremely difficult for readers to go through the pile and find the books that they want. Publishers and authors will succeed only by ensuring their books are widely available and discovered.

The discoverability of your book online will directly impact how many people find the book and ultimately buy them. Content discoverability is a measure of how easily you, your book, and your content are found through search online. It is a critical consideration for publishers, authors, and the research community. As the amount of online content continues to grow exponentially, discoverability expertise will soon become a key requirement for publishing industry.

Make your content stand out

First and foremost, there is no substitute for quality of the content of the book. Your content and your story are your most important success factors. You can, however, also make sure the book is grammatically impeccable, neatly formatted, laid out professionally, and features an attractive cover page.


The role of any publisher includes making sure that enriched metadata is available for every book they publish, including bibliographic information and semantic metadata. The quality and completeness of your book’s metadata influences its discoverability considerably. Publishers need to create high-quality metadata from the beginning and proactively engage that metadata throughout the life of the book.  Search engine optimization is also significant when it comes to amplifying these activities.


The practices in making content discoverable on the web extend beyond the use of rich, linked metadata. These practices include making sure content can be indexed, using keywords effectively and writing good tag descriptions. To take it to the audience it is also important to know the people who read in the genre, where they congregate and how to effectively target them. Reviews and ratings also help to increase discoverability. Encouraging customer participation is a key way to making sure your content is noticed.


Today, a critical challenge with e-books is discoverability. Publishers and authors need to understand the way content is discovered by their readers, and the factors that influence them. With increasing choices and competition, the challenge of discoverability is getting the right book in front of the right reader at the right time. Incorporating well planned practices will help improve your discoverability and ultimately help consumers find your content. Versatile PreMedia Services can help publishers and authors hone strategies and drive extensive audience-focused discoverability to successfully take their content to the target consumers.

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