Why are Book Covers So Important?

Book Covers decide the success of your book. The first impression created by the book on its probable readers –is its ”Cover”. ‘It’s the very first thing that the audience would look at to even pick it up in their hand. If the design is unprofessional, it will lose sales. 

A prosperous book cover should be able to make a reader ‘feel’ things. 


‘Let’s understand the importance of this—-

Great Marketing depends on how good the book cover is sketched.


A book is a manuscript that the author writes and designing the cover is the process of getting an ‘author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader. Jot out the points your cover design must have since they will serve as a blueprint when you submit your book. The design should be able to carry the right message. It should also match with the title of the book. Book covers should be bright, attractive and stylish with a breathtaking design, making them buy it. Book Cover is an important marketing tool for your book, so do not leave the design to the last minute!


‘Let’s look at what role your book cover design can play in your books victory, even before the audience cracks the first page open.


Attract the Attention of the Buyer—–The cover of the book can decide whether ‘it’s a hit or a flop. Your book cover must give away just enough to convince the reader and get a gist of the inside without revealing too much. Book cover design must convey that the pages within are worth a ‘buyer’s time and interest. 


‘Don’t Overdo the Cover—–Your main aim is to attract the audience towards your book. Only give a partial view of it. The purpose of the book cover is to convince the client and to overdo it can destroy its purpose. Present it in a very distinctive manner. 


Brag About your Books Review—–The books review is an outline of a ‘person’s intuitive reading experience. The reviewer should talk about: how this is done, what has been implemented in it, has it been delivered fresh or a compelling insight?


Keep the Binding Intact—–When placed on a bookshelf, the only side of the book that can be seen by the reader is the spine, so a good quality cover design is crucial here. Binding keeps the edges intact for a clear vision.


Clarity about the Information—–The prime concern in a book is its information. May it be a work of fiction or ‘children’s book, present an idea about important information contained in the book, by designing a cover that gives an awareness into the core message. 

Let your book cover speak! This piece of information will attract the buyer.


‘Let’s see a few more crucial things that book cover designer should know for the success of the book—


  • The style of the printed matter or merely the art of working with text to make written language legible and appealing when displayed. It is all around us, on the books we read, on the website we visit and even in our daily lives. Your typography technique must support what the title communicates, as well as the tone of the story.


  • Cover images must act like teasers and not like spoilers to your cover design. A well-planned cover design tells a lot about the book without revealing every detail. 


  • The colours you choose for the cover should help create the mood and convey the message ‘you’re trying to give. Complimentary colours that are diagonally opposite from each other on the colour wheel tend to work great together. 


I am sure ‘that’s a lot of detail that one needs to keep in mind while getting a book designed. So, be thoughtful and keep your focus, to create the cover that will bring nothing but success!!!

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