Do You Have–What It Takes to Be a Successful Writer

Have you ever thought about why some writers are more successful than others? What It Takes to Be a Successful Writer, Writers struggle to define success because there’s always another hill to climb. 

Published your first book? -You feel successful until no one bites on your second one. Have a column in a magazine? -You’re riding the high life until you’re asked to write your farewell piece. But it is the lack of a clear definition of success that keeps us motivated and thirsty and driven to accomplish more. 

So, how does one become successful at writing? Here are some proven strategies to be successful as a writer—

*Recognise Yourself–

Call yourself an author. With this declaration, comes confidence. You will initiate the commitment to act on that.

Own this title proudly and watch your confidence soar.

*Submit yourself to a leader–

As writers, we are continually evolving, still growing and learning– especially the budding writers. Since we all want to be masters of the craft, it is, therefore, vital that we learn from the masters. It will help us grow exponentially. Most famous writers had mentors in the initial stages of their writing careers.

*Show up and do the job–

To be a master, you must show up and do the work. For instance-showing up every single day to do the work, (unless life happens). If you do not show up without a legitimate reason, you run the risk of losing your pay, or even your job. It’s similar to that.

To be good at writing, you must write every day. You cannot write at random. You cannot show up once every six months to write. You write every day.

To crave only quiet places to write is an excuse not to write. An excellent place to start is to decide how many words you can write a day and keep up to that. 400- 500 words per day seem reasonable. Such a mindset will set him up for success someday.

Consistency is the key to becoming successful.

Granted, it is not easy, but we need to thrive to follow this rule- one day at a time.

*Practice more than one skill–

A writer needs to have more than one ability. Books could be sold better if we know how to promote them. Since realising this, we learn a few things about marketing and advertising. These are skills every writer should have.

It’s not trying to be the jack of all trades. Far from it but mastering additional abilities to complement your writing skills will stand you in good stead.

*Be generous and kind–

What It Takes to Be a Successful Writer, Give more than you take. It is essential to spare some time and comment on or share other people’s articles, especially those of new bloggers and budding writers. Give them support and encouragement. Be generous with your advice and content. Do not just show up when you want them to buy a bunch of courses or books from you. The recipients will present themselves when you need them- to purchase the books–that will make you even more successful.

The Take-Home Message

As writers, we all have ideas of how we want to be seen. While some writers wish to use their writing as an outlet for frustrations or happiness in their personal lives–others want to be famous for their books. 

Some others want to be great, famous, as well as make a good living from it. These are all excellent reasons to be a consistent writer.

Whichever way you see yourself as an author, the key thing is to show up and do the work. Success will come with determination and dedication in due course.

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