Tracking the ever-changing demands of a tech-savvy reader

Digital technology has ushered in a new era in publishing. Publishers are embracing new technologies to strengthen the relationship between readers and books by embedding multimedia, developing interactive applications, improving functionality and embracing social media.

Readers of today are demanding, constantly changing their interests.  Students look for interactive content that has innovative learning technologies. Young readers want multi-media with embedded videos. Some readers enjoy listening to audio books while others like to access their books on phone or e-reader. These evolving consumer demands are forcing the publishers to push beyond the box and connect with newer technologies and digital platforms.

Engaging digital age reader

Publishers are adopting a variety of digital technologies for innovative ways to increase the reach as well as the reading experience of books.   Forging partnerships with online platform providers, technology companies and libraries, publishers are promoting newer options for readers to discover and experience books. These new models include digital subscriptions, e-lending, e-book rentals and print-on-demand.

Content customization

Readers want to access any e-book, anytime, on any device they prefer like tablets, smart phones, computers, e-readers etc. Publishers should make sure that content systems support multiple browsers, formats and devices that readers use. The content provided should be able to navigate the device landscape. Content personalization like being able to look up words they don’t know, changing the size and appearance of text are important for tech savvy readers.

Interactivity for better reader experience

Today’s consumers don’t want to just read books, they want to experience them. Enhanced books allow for easy integration of video, audio, and interactivity. Special apps are used to embed multimedia content within the printed page. By embracing the dynamic nature of digital platforms and the full capabilities of touch devices, publishers can engage users and enhance the overall reading experience.

Satisfying tech savvy students

Publishers need to create innovative and personalized learning experiences in the textbooks to keep the students interested. They are today partnering with technology companies or expanding their in-house operations to integrate functionality that students require into eBooks. These requirements of learners range from simple highlighting, note-taking and searching text, to highly interactive videos, and animations.

Reading is taking on new forms and publishing new dimensions. From interactive eBooks to on-demand book printing, innovations for readers are as important as the contents of books themselves. The demands of today’s tech savvy readers are reshaping books, reading as well as publishing, and publishers should adapt to it to keep their consumer base involved, captivated and satisfied.

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