Stick to the Script by Fixing Focus on One Place

At times, even if the script is quite clear, about where the action is taking place, there is still some missing detail about the surrounding. “One Specific Place” is what we are looking to have.


Focusing on a particular place of action is the priority.


New fiction writers must focus on the Place of Action.  

The question that often comes to our minds– “Where does this story take place?”  

Well, every story should happen in a particular, noticeable place, still wondering what if the setting matters or what if the intention was to write a story that could occur anywhere? 

To most authors, the ‘Place is Central in Fiction Writing‘—where a story begins. It’s the area, the author, can rely on if at all they get stuck. Imagining a place is not only how one can get into the world of dream or how one create ideas that bring the fictional world to real life, but also how feasible it is.  

As an example, If the story takes place in mid-August afternoon in Florida, the author already may know that it could be raining, and the sidewalks will be gushing with mud mixed water. The government buildings and their employees will sit at the centre of town on the top of a hill and guess what? this is the level of imagination. Knowing these details helps create a memorable world filled story with sensory information. 


So, what’s the benefit of staying focused?

Paying attention to the place of action often addresses most of the common issues. Just taking a closer look, paying attention, digging your memory and doing research, requires very little or no imagination. 


Conclusion— For beginning fiction writers, focusing on a place– is one of the easiest ways to improve stories that aren’t quite working otherwise. Paying attention to a place often takes care of many of the common problems that might invade the script. Language editors for fictional publications help the authors who’s primary language is not English. 


In the beginning, choosing a setting for a story can feel like running out of possibilities. There is lack of detailing and specificity. One particular story can only take place in one specific location. A specific one that happens to a specific person within a particular time and place. The reality that a story is always precise and concrete in a world that someone has dreamt into being is what is best about ‘Fiction’.

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