Versatile, your publishing strategy partner, delivers independent and complete publishing services through the agile consolidation of its technological innovation, comprehensive partner ecosystem, and intelligent human expertise Right from manuscript submission through final publication, Versatile delivers the entire array of pre-production, production, and post-production services to entirely support the publishing process.


With effective solutions enabling content transformation, distribution, and marketing across the publishing process, Versatile has established a strong support infrastructure that empowers publishers in simplifying their responsibilities.

Publishing strategy partner: Create innovative and customizable solutions and strategies to deliver a consistent-quality publishing experience.

Technology partners: One of our major strengths is our collaboration with the best of minds in publishing to create the complete array of publishing solutions.

Industrial expertise: Our extensive experience of more than a decade and expertise in publishing help us consistently stay ahead of competition.

Project management in German: One of our core specializations is our in-house project management capabilities in German, across all the stages of publishing.

Full services vendor (FSV): Our completely customizable, XML-driven end-to-end publishing platform delivers perfection, saving time and cost at every milestone.


Versatile partners with publishers by providing end-to-end solutions for a seamless and rapid progression across the editorial, production, distribution, and marketing stages. Versatile’s extensive experience in establishing a technology-driven publishing ecosystem has supported publishers in effortlessly transitioning into a digitally enabled publishing environment.

Typesetting Services: Complete package of across Content Enhancement, Composition, and Artwork/ Illustration stages, with extensive XML-First/Non-XML automation options.

eBook Services: Efficient delivery of digital products simultaneously across a wide range of complexities, features, and formats.

Data Conversion: Smart conversion of pre-published content in any format across multiple digital formats, saving time and cost, with zero compromise on quality.

Quality Assurance Services: Real-time, complete, automated, and customer-specific content validation against specific XML file DTD/Schema prior to online publication.

Cataloguing Services: Delivering extensive customization in catalogue creation, in multiple formats, across a wide range of designs and complexities almost in real time.


Versatile supports self-published authors in leveraging our extensive publishing expertise so they can completely outsource their publishing responsibilities to us. Customizable self-publishing packages provide authors with the power to choose the specific services where they would require support – from procuring ISBN and editorial support to cover design, typesetting, distribution, and marketing.

ISBN Allocation: Complete support in purchasing and allocating ISBN.

Copyright Registration: Taking complete responsibility for the cumbersome copyright registration process.

Cover and Book Design: A completely automated production process delivering print outputs across a wide range of text and cover designs.

Printing and POD: Print-on-demand and other printing options that simplify the final stages of the print publication journey.

Global Distribution: Extensive global distribution channels facilitating discoverability and effective online marketing campaigns to build visibility among the right audience.

eBooks: Simultaneous print and online product delivery, with zero compromise on the turnaround time, quality, and cost, across a wide range of complexities.


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