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Our Publishing world—demands momentum, accuracy, cost savings, process efficiency, visibility, and easy access. With an emphasis on Technology-Driven Assistance–Publishing and Technology Solutions provide a wide range of resources, that help publishers produce and deliver content in the most efficient way possible. Role of AI, RPAs and Digital Transformation plays a key role.


Technology Driven Industry— There have been changes in the publishing domain, due to technology innovations, alteration in client behaviour, and the disclosure of the Digital World. These alterations pose challenges to publishers who are, in and out–seeking ways to present their content most attractively. With Automated Engineering Transformations, changing the publishing landscape is no longer practical. Alterations in telecommunications, increase in the measure and approach to an expanding digital world—have designed a Consumer-Driven Demand for digital experiences, across many different fields. Technology has redesigned many industries and has influenced every aspect of how the world interrelates.


The Digital Landscape has opened many opportunities and possibilities in how learning takes place. This field is transforming itself from a—Book-based Product Model to a Service-based Business design.


Versatile Premedia offers an entire spectrum of Technology-driven Service and Solution, that will deliver an agile publishing experience across the digital media. A leading Digital Content-Service business—like Versatile, can furnish content enrichment and transformation services to publishers and educational organisations, globally. It also provides customised workplace learning for Global Ventures. Versatile has established a sturdy support infrastructure that empowers publishers their responsibilities.


Versatile, the Publishing Strategy Partner, delivers independent and complete publishing services through the rapid consolidation of its technological innovation and human expertise. Starting from manuscript submission–to the final publication, Versatile Premedia delivers the entire arrangement of production amenities to support the publishing task fully.

Today, Versatile is one of the few end-to-end solutions providers with significantly robust content solutions, capabilities and a differentiated digital provision sheath for publishers. It has great experience in helping the publishers in higher education, and PreK-12 segments to transform book-based content into digital learning objectives.

Backed up with experience, working with the leading brands in publishing and education—Versatile can create a personalised application by using building blocks from the already developed software modules.

Versatile Premedia Services offers a unique combination of Publishing Services and Solutions. These are delivered in partial, or fully-fledged as per publisher’s process or complete technology solutions that drives performance based outcomes.

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