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Interactive eBook for children's publishing options for optimum interactivity

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Interactive eBooks – ideal children’s publishing options for optimum interactivity

The digital revolution has swept across the globe and publishing industry too has been impacted immensely by this. Over the years, eBooks have evolved from simple text integrated in the electronic format to an immersive and interactive experience. Today, these interactive versions of digital books are gaining popularity, especially among children owing to attractive features like audios, videos and other media capabilities.

These books provide optimum interactivity for children where each book becomes an adventure. They provide an enhanced reading experience with the content and storyline.  They can improve comprehension of the story as children become involved in a way very different than with a conventional book.  There are host of features in interactive digital books that keep readers engaged with the content as they go from one page to the next.

Some of these features in interactive eBooks that make them an optimal option for reader engagement are –

  • Integrating sound effects, background audio and audio narrations will make your eBooks more engaging. For instance, you can use voice-acted speech in the eBooks, rather than reading out the characters. Newer technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, can give a realistic and immersive experience to readers by stimulating their imagination.
  • Multi-sensory eBooks are more effective in retaining the interest of the readers. Interactivity provides the online learners with the tools they need to make reading fun. They can drag objects, click on links and take necessary notes. This helps them to participate in the learning process.
  • One of the most important advantages of electronic books is their ability to include multimedia. The eBook developers can incorporate articles, videos and other elements that support interactivity in the document. Similarly, learner interactions, like taking a quiz, watching a video, or reading a section of text, can be tracked and recorded.
  • Engaging materials with interactive multimedia features are more meaningful and add value to the learning experience. This added to the fact that eBooks can be accessed from multiple devices, and are easy to create, easy to use, and easy to update, makes it an ideal eLearning platform.
  • Integrating links to resources helps the online learners looking for additional information. It will help learners interested in going through the sub-topics. eBooks can be embedded or linked to all kinds of interactive activities and resources, making it easy for the learners to locate the information. This adds a layer of information to enhance the learning experience.
  • Unlike physical books, content on eBooks can be replaced or updated with minimum effort whenever required. Digital publishing platforms provide the option of making changes to content effortlessly.
  • The font sizes can be easily increased and decreased depending on one’s preferences. This eliminates struggles and strains that come with reading very small texts. With interactive digital books, readers can have their choice of typography.
  • Text-to-speech feature in interactive eBooks is often helpful to students with dyslexia – to aid reading, promote comprehension, and enhance literacy skills.  Text to speech can be a very useful tool for the mild or moderately visually impaired as well.

With the arrival of digital content, the way by which people share and gain knowledge and information has transformed radically. However, the interactive eBook creation process must be carried out in a strategic manner. It has to be assured that ideas are not lost during ePUB conversion, and planning is important. Right features need to be used at right places, and in an optimal manner.

With Versatile as your publishing partner you can avail perfect interactive eBook conversion services based on your needs and specifications. Our extensive innovation supports conversion enhancements including pop-ups, assessments, and read-aloud features. The customization options, interactive features and animation capabilities of our ePUBuilder delivers a cost-efficient and enhanced eBook creation process.


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