Interactive ebook for children’s publishing

Books add value to children’s creativity and imagination. Interactive ebooks make it even more interesting and fun.

Interactive ebooks are the new trend of education. If you think the term “Interactive” here indicates adding moving pictures to books, then that means you have a very long way to go on knowing what interactive ebooks are.

Interactive ebooks for children’s publishing are much beyond than adding moving pictures. With today’s technology, readers are provided with an indefinable reading experience, those are rich in reader attraction and engagement components.

By adding these interactive contents such as games, voice interaction, question answer sessions and feedback, publishing has been taken to a completely different level.

Here are a few points that one should know about interactive ebook children’s publishing.

  1. Good illustrations do contribute to the success of a book. In the case of children’s book, that too when it has to be interactive, great effort is required in creating the illustrations. In Interactive ebooks for children’s publishing, illustrations play a major role as it is the deciding component of reader engagement.
  2. After illustration, the next peak point is editing. Yes, even children’s ebooks need to be edited even though they are short and simple. Good editing will add crisp to the book and will also help in improving the content of the book.
  3. Interior layout of the book has to be cleverly drafted to avoid lags. Smart insertion of the interactive components in required places within consistent time gaps will assist in enhancing the reader experience.
  4. Before publishing a book, it is really important to understand the reader’s mindset. Here even though the children are the target audience, there is a necessity for the publishers to understand the mood of the adults as well as they are the customers.
  5. It is important for the publisher to keep in mind both the children and adults while publishing an interactive ebook. Children are the readers but the adults are the ones who buy them those. So, it is necessary to keep in track with both the groups.
  6. Even in ebooks the strong way to attract children is to create interesting characters with impressive personalities. Introducing characters those are easy to connect with will develop a strong sync between the reader and book. The characters need to be designed simple and should help children to relate it with themselves.
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