How to Create Interactive eBook for Children

Today all kinds of books can be found in the digital format. You are probably wondering how to create an interactive eBook for children?

First of all, let’s see what an interactive eBook for children means. We all know eBooks are—written books published in a digital format that can be read on computers, tablets, or smartphones. Interactivity comes with support inserted into the text of any book.


Example–a video, an audio or a link to a website are considered as interactive support, that gives substantial value to the book. Interactive books create interest, fun and playfulness. This is why children love them so much!!!


Steps to create interactive eBook for Children.

*Writing your story

This is probably the most challenging part. Your story must have creativeness and more importantly—lots of fun if you want children to enjoy it. Keep in mind the age of your target. It would be best if you did not talk to a 4-year-old as you would speak to a 13-year-old.


Make sure your main character is convenient to rely on. If your target is very young, know that children prefer to read stories about everyday life (going to school, going to the sports practice, tuitions etc.).


The older they get, the more imaginative they become. So, if your target is more than eight years old, you can create a situation. If you are writing an educational eBook, make sure to integrate fun facts that will keep the children interested and want more.


*Selecting and integrating the right interactive content—

Well, now that you have your story or your digital textbook, you can begin to search for digital content to integrate. Without a doubt, the interactive content that kids prefer is video.

You can also add some audio. It could be funny noises, songs, a voice that reads the story, characters talking and so on…This format is of great value to an interactive eBook for children.

Last but not least, games or interactive exercises have real success with children. The more playful they are, the more parents and kids will approve it.


*Converting your file into an EPUB-

Finally, when you have your interactive eBook ready, the last step is to convert it to a format that can be read with the help of electronic devices, the most popular one being e-publication. E-Publication is an easy tool to convert any file into an eBook.


Interactive eBooks can be read on all kinds of devices. Currently, all major stores accept epub3 books, but they offer different functionality and support. Major stores react to fixed-layout, interactive and enhanced eBooks. Versatile PreMedia specialise in publishing services for Interactive eBook for Children. 

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