How to Write Strong Sensational Opening Lines

Opening Lines are certainly Tough—Whether you are writing the first line of your unique book or Starting a new chapter altogether—

Convincing readers that your story is worth reading is a challenge. Within the first few lines, readers should have already started getting captivated into your script. 

Does this sound scary? —Probably Yes!!!

Sensational Opening Lines are your bargaining pieces, your alarm songs or call it your lure. Mastering them can completely turn your readers on. So how can we make it happen? Well, by hooking them in of course! By “tying-up” readers, we are trying to fascinate them in the stretch of just a few short lines, that they will not want to put your book down. 

How can you make your writing Captivating?

Think about the different reasons why an opening line could captivate a reader. 

* Awakens their curiosity.

* Creates an emotional connection.

* Provides entertainment, through humour.

Winning Sensational Opening Lines will find its way to arouse the reader’s attentiveness, be it for an individual chapter or the whole book. But at times, opening lines do more than awaken curiosity. 

So, how do you start creating Strong Opening Lines

Begin With—

  • Creating the Atmosphere—When it comes to picking the opening line of your script, consider the atmosphere you want to create throughout your story. It could be hope, struggle, terror, gloom, adventure, peace, romance, or any other?

Creating a vibe will make your readers feel every line when reading your book. Define your story’s mood to just one class, then keep this in mind as you move on. But be aware that the atmosphere will keep changing as you go on with your writing.

So, instead of creating your story’s atmosphere as a whole when writing the first lines of individual chapters, try to consider what type of mood you’d like to set for that chapter in particular. 

Does this sound, right? 

Also, when it comes to the opening lines of individual chapters, you don’t necessarily have to pose a question each time. Sometimes it’s enough to set the mood, then move into a new and intriguing scene that raises questions of its own. 

  • Importance of the Page—Every page in your book must be there for a reason. You have already defined the mood you want to set, but to get to the bottom of what the question you pose in the opening line will be about, you must think about its purpose. 

It could be—– a Character/ a Thought or Feeling and Action or a Setting. 

  • Enclosing Your Opening Line—At this level, you should have an idea of what you want to ‘Captivate Readers With’ and what mood you need to convey to set that Scene. It’s time now, to start playing around with your opening line. 

Most opening lines fall into one of the below:

 *They open with dialogue.


 *They open with a statement. 

Both these ways to frame your opening lines are perfectly reasonable choices, so don’t worry about choosing the “Correct One”. You may also want to begin creating different versions of your opening lines using both frameworks together to get a feel, for what works best for your chapter. 


Writing opening lines is undoubtedly an art, and a little practice can go a long way. Therefore, analyze how opening chapters are often put together so you can begin brainstorming ideas of your own. Make use of all you have learned to present it into script –Here the book-based production workflow can be determined.

So, waste no time? Let your Strong and Sensational Opening line, Action time—-begin!

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