How to Write Better—Every day?

To write better–the need of grinding your writing skills is of utmost importance!

No doubt it takes a lot of your effort but it’s all worth the trouble when you ultimately have a superbly finished book. By following some tangible things, you can achieve this.


Let’s understand the steps to success—

  • Strengthen ‘Your Voice by following the Masters’–

            The first and foremost thing a sensible writer must do is read books of great successful                          writers. When reading masters books, pay attention to the selection of words, style and draft.

  • Practice makes Perfect—We all know this. So, write as much as you can — as many times as you can. Whether you write a blog or any other, keep writing. It gets easier as you and when you write.
  • Be Creative—Write down points, ideas or bits of conversation that you hear. Making a note of these ideas inspire you while writing. 
  • Try out new things—you can copy other expert writers–to a certain extent, but your work should only be yours. Experiment with your style, your ideas and words. 
  • Make writing Systematic— Write at a particular time of the day to avoid interruptions and make it a routine. You can write, starting with half an hour and go up to several hours a day. 
  • Do not try to do more than one thing at a time– Writing does not work well with multi-tasking or any background noise. It works best when the surroundings are quiet, or with melodies music. Do not have the phone, computer or T.V on. Clear away distractions so you can work without interruption.
  • Designing before writing–planning your book. Write when you are ready. Thinking in various directions must be improvised. 
  • Make your work Brief and sweet– The best time to do this is during the revision process. Remove everything–but the essential items. A short sentence is better over a longer one.  “Compact is mighty”. 
  • Make use of impactful sentences– Aim for shorter sentences but with active verbs. There must be variation too. You might find this easier to do during the revision stage, as it is not something you are thinking of when you are producing the blueprint.
  • Get others to read your work– You’ll need to let others [general public] read your writing. You can create a blog or submit a guest post. Putting your book out in public can be nerve-wracking, but it is a crucial part of every writer’s growth.
  • Good beginning with a perfect and convincing close– The essential part of your writing is the best beginning and an attractive end. Starting is even more crucial because if it is not convincing, then the audience will not read any further. So, when you’ve written your first draft, spend some extra time crafting a good beginning. Get the audience interested and make readers want more. 
  • Recheck your script—This step is the final one. All good writers always revise their work. Rechecking is an excellent habit. Remove the odd, awkward and confusing sentences. Look for errors like the grammar, commands on specific sentences, tone and language.

            Aim for clarity and newness in all your writing, always!!!

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