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'How Deep Driven' is Your Passion for Writing? - Versatile Premedia

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‘How Deep Driven’ is Your Passion for Writing?

Passion for Writing?—Explains the love and sincerity of the author, in working towards his goal. 

Writers are passionate creatures for, if they are don’t truly love writing, it is near impossible to be a good writer. Days are spent huddling over a keyboard, scooping out portions of their soul and imagination. Writers are among the fortunate few who are doing something they love. 


We do see how, in some writers, passion seeps through into their pages, feeling tangible, electric and contagious. This kind of passion comes only through the best when we step aside and get out of our way to write. Chances are you could be an exquisite writer by tapping into the passion of being yourself.

Writing can define part of you, but it shouldn’t describe you overall. You owe it to yourself and to your readers to explore all of the nook and corners of who you are. You must examine what is inside you, draw it and infuse it into your role. Many of us are so busy with the “Business of Writing” that we hardly have time for looking around to see what is what? 

So, how does one go about searching his/her inner self to find this passion? It takes time and work. You will come across new things about yourself that will open up new doors of possibility and discovery for your work and life.

Pathway to your Passion

  • Awareness of Your Self—

First learn what motivates you and where you get your energy from. An understanding of yourself helps you better connect with your characters and readers.

Acquire knowledge about your personality and why you behave and operate in a certain way. Now you can use this clarity about yourself to help you focus on what is natural and right, for who you are — not for who others want you to be. Your uniqueness should shine through in your text.

  • Define Your Qualities.

-Have you ever dug deep to determine which type of qualities are imperative in you? 

-Jot the values that define you, the skills that you enjoy and the interests that are fulfilling and fun, for you to be creative, expansive, and focused in your writing and your life.


  • Create A Vision.
  • Next step is to create a vision for your life and your writing.
  • By outlining a rough vision-base of your personality, values, skills, and interests, you will begin to refine a purpose and have a mission for your writing. Any passionate endeavour, bolstered by ambition, will have substance.
  • As you move forward exploring the details, the purpose and mission will become more and more clear to you. It will give you a road map of your script and what you want to achieve. Use this road map to provide direction and meaning to your writing plans.
  • Allow yourself to understand the feelings your vision evokes so that authenticity shines in your script.
  • Eliminate Obstacles.
  • If you don’t address your obstacles, then unresolved issues and emotional reactions can prevent you from discovering more about yourself and your passion.
  • Many writers use writing as a way of resolving problems. Vulnerable nature in your writing can reveal your true self.


  • Divert your Mindset

-As you learn about yourself in this journey, you will begin having intense moments. You will like to address unmet needs and remove tolerations from your life. This will open your mind and the time for writing.


  • Action Plan
  • The final part of the process of locating your passion is creating an action plan based on all you have learned so far. You may find that there are many passions and options for your life in addition to writing.
  • Use everything you have learned in the process, about yourself, to infuse it into your -Book based production workflow, with dimension, substance, and presence. 

Any book is a written document used for communicating ideas, thoughts and information. So, be passionate every time you start….


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