How Can You Get Your Book Published?

Get educated to get published—-Craft your writing. 

Getting book deals are becoming more and more difficult. If you want your book published, you have more choices than ever to accomplish your goal. 


Here is the layout of the process in the simplest terms possible. 

  • Classify what you write— Categorising what you right is a tool of sales. Think hard enough of what class of writing is your book because agents, bookstores and publishers will. Once you have finished writing, the book will help find its audience. If you genuinely like the genre you are writing in, you will never get bored. Write what you think will get your book published. 
  • Go Direct –Try connecting directly with publishers via emails. Find a traditional publisher who can offer you a book contract. Remember you are going against everybody else who is also doing the same thing. So, that’s your bare essential entry point, to create an overview of your book. This is step one on your dream path.
  • Using an agent- Hiring an agent or service to help you publish–An Agent dramatically improves the chance of you getting your deal. They look over your proposal and give you feedback and suggestions. They will also charge you an amount for the same, some cheap and some expensive. They are the experts in the publishing industry.
  • Write Great CopyWriting an excellent copy is very important since there are thousands of writers out there. If you want to stand out and get noticed, your transcript must be high. Not just great but it should cream off the pages. It’s got to be something that the publisher looks at and feels great reading it. It must be a page-turner. Analyse if your book is that great and get feedback from family, friends and other people, before reaching the final word from the publisher. If you cannot prove yourself way above other writers, your chances of been picked up are quite low. You should be able to persuade the publisher to accept your work by showing them your manuscript. Work on it like this is your only chance, so it eventually turns out to be the best. It’s either now or never.
  • Build Momentum- Showcase yourself. The biggest issue now in the publishing industry is to be able to ‘Sell the books’ and for which you must have an audience. Even if your book is excellent, if you don’t have an audience to buy it, it’s going to limit your chances of getting a deal. You must have a platform. So, start by building You tube or twitter audience, create a popular website and have people, follow you on the social network. Think about what the essence of your book is.  What is that one word which highlights the value of your writing? 
  • Submit your Query

Agents and publishers vary in what they require when it comes to submitting materials.         The most common materials that you might have to present are–a one-page query letter that briefly explains your work [as a sales letter] or book synopsis–about 1or2 pages long. In some cases, agents may require different material for submission.


Self-Publishing– is an option if you don’t want to go through the strain of submission and rejection endlessly. You can self-publish at almost no cost to you. But by doing so, you or may not find your book in the market, even though you have the satisfaction of writing one to your fullest satisfaction.

In a nutshell– If you are determined and have worked for the cause, the chances are that your transcripts could be in the market soon.  A little study of your self can go a long way!


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