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Writing to Be A Full-Time Author—What Does it Mean?

To be a full-Time Author, Sounds like a dream–right?

Well, writing can be a full-time job, especially if you don’t have a Book Deal Yet. 

Whether we are established or not, most of us put in as many hours as possible. 

The one thing you can do to aid your writing career is to — keep writing. The most critical job of a writer–is to write and rewrite. But when you have an eye to getting published, there are certain things you need to do. 

To become a full-time writer, you need to consider the following—

  • Build Your Matrix–

Connect with people you are naturally attracted to. Over time, genuine relationships will grow. The best options to contact people are— Linked In messages, Facebook messages, email, texting and phone calls. When you reach out to any of the above, keep track of the responses. Stay in touch with your friends instead of just contacting them when you need something.

  • Time Management–

Well, you are the boss, so it’s a must to have discipline. Writing when you “feel like” is a great way to have skinny kids, past due notices and a depressed head. Time will become your best friend as it lets you know how much of it you have spent on a specific task. 

Some days are more yielding than others. Keep this in mind. Measure your success in hours worked and as words per day. Both measures are essential and not just the word count 

Your mental energy has to be refilled time and again, therefore spend some time with a book, exercise and take a nap. Again, use a timer or at the bare minimum set aside some intentional time.

  • Using the Correct Tools–

Decide what works for you and use it correctly. The fewer tools you use, the more brainpower you can devote to writing. It is best to finish the current project and then make the change if at all, a change in tools is needed. 

  • Write A Good Deal—

Just talent is not enough. What matters more is discipline. It is a lot harder to be a full-time writer than you think, which ultimately it is worth. Write intentionally and set a timer to maximize your efforts. Eventually, you must know how much time you spend on each project.


Don’t fall for the myth that says– you have to be a full-time writer to be a real writer. You are the best judge to determine your goals as a writer. If you want to become a full-time writer, go for it by all means. If you’re going to write and pursue other career choices, that is completely fine as well.

Writing to sell—means understanding the marketplace, your genre, and where your book fits in that genre. It involves understanding your competition in the market and how you can position your work against that competition. It means befriending writers of all types.

You will pay it forward when it’s your turn. In the meantime, you make friends with those writers who are at your level and beyond so that you can get to know not only what it means to be a writer, but what it means to be an author.

In many ways, becoming a full-time writer can be a dream come true. 


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