From outsourcing to publishing partners – why do publishers require partners than outsourced vendors to deliver quality products

In today’s rapidly changing publishing space, publishers are required to acquire skills sets and knowledge that are not in their traditional expertise and capability. What publishers need the most is the support for navigating the sea of complexities and changes that is happening around them. From manuscript reviews to distribution, publishers are increasingly looking for partners to assist them in various processes.

In this context, the distinction between partner and vendor is an important one. When it comes to publishing partners, publishers are looking at a long-term co-operation rather than short term gains. The interests of vendors may also not always align with the publisher, while in case of partners’ they are generally similar. A traditional vendor usually delivers exactly and only what their client requests. Publishing partners, on the other hand, is a collaborative alliance that provides end-to-end solutions for a seamless and rapid progression across the editorial, production, distribution, and marketing stages.

Among the many services that publishing partners provide are –

  • Thorough evaluation of proposals and manuscripts, with constructive feedback provided by experienced editors and peer reviews
  • Involvement and support throughout the writing, development, production, and marketing process.
  • Create innovative and customizable solutions and strategies to deliver a consistent quality publishing experience.
  • Efficient delivery of digital products across a wide range of complexities, features, and formats.
  • High-quality book production
  • Promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution

The benefits of having publishing partners are –

Long-term collaboration – Strong publishing partnerships ensure that your book reaches the highest level of success. Most publishing partners aim to establish a robust partnership based on collaboration, value creation, and strategic direction.

Production Quality – Many publishing partners set the highest standards for editing, design, and page layout. With the help of new technologies, their streamlined production process allows competitive production schedules while remaining flexible and responsive to the needs of each individual project.

Strategic Marketing and Sales – Publishing partners with their multichannel marketing and sales strategy can make sure that your book receives maximum exposure. They can provide extensive global distribution channels facilitating discoverability and effective online marketing campaigns to build visibility among the right audience.

Publishers looking for support in transitioning into a digitally enabled publishing environment should prioritize partnerships that can help them navigate the changing tides. They should look for partnerships that are transparent, experienced and that have the ability to help them enhance their future business. With extensive experience and expertise in publishing, Versatile has established a strong support infrastructure that empowers publishers in simplifying their responsibilities. Right from manuscript submission through final publication, Versatile delivers the entire array of pre-production, production, and post-production services to efficiently support the publishing process.

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