Fixed layout with read aloud expertise

Every day ebooks are enjoying new innovations in publishing since when they started trending.  Preference towards ebooks is increasing due to its number of benefits in terms of technology and cost. Every new format of publishing introduced has had its own pros and cons. Read aloud fixed layout is one such new format that is enjoying extra special attention from the readers.

This feature is just like a speaker who reads the books for you. With the help of technology, the concept of parents reading bedtime stories for their kids has been revolutionized. The narrative audio, which can be manually modified as per requirement, reads the book for the reader.  The pages turn and videos play automatically along with the voice clip making reading delightful.

Fixed layout with reading aloud expertise has taken the books a step ahead. The attached audio file that syncs perfectly with the content in the book enhances the overall experience of reading and education.

Few benefits of the fixed layout with reading aloud expertise are listed below.

  1. Read aloud fixed layout retains the readers’ interest. No matter how good the content is reader retention is what matters the most. The audio backup provided to the content helps in gaining back the reader’s attention even at times of distraction.
  2. The audio file improves the effectiveness of the communication. With read aloud, expertise teaching through books has been made far easier and interesting.
  3. Today’s children are smarter in technology adaption than previous generations. Normal books and simple illustrations don’t interest them or meet their expectations. Soundtracks synced with text interest them and also prevent them from speed reading or skimming through the books.
  4. Change in page design, layout and reflow are avoided by using fixed layout. Here contents of the ebooks act just like an image which can be zoomed in and out. In fixed layouts readers can search for texts, navigate through the content and dictionary linking is made possible.
  5. The narrative audio clip enables the readers to listen to the books while they read and simultaneously the text in the content gets highlighted.
  6. Fixed layout with reading aloud expertise is a boon for children. It helps children of all age groups in learning. These read-aloud books not only improve the reading habits of children but also improvise their speech and listening skills.


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