ePUBuilder simplifies the ebook creation process, enabling publishers to provide the print and eBook versions simultaneously. With extensive customization options and the ability to incorporate complex design elements, its ebook store validation tool, interactive features, and animation, ePUBuilder delivers a cost-efficient, quick, and automated process.


The automated and customized in-built conversion engine, such a epub2 to epub3 converter, converts the prepared input material into predetermined ebook formats. Every output format is reviewed in detail to ensure that it meets IDPF standards and customer-specific requirements and that any task- and conversion engine-based issues are cleared.

ePUBuilder’s smart combination of intelligent automation and expert human intervention delivers 99.99% quality standards. Three levels of content-specific quality checks, a robust ebook store validation tool, and assessment protocols, as well as three inbuilt OCR conversion engines, ensure the accuracy of the converted content.

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  • The ability to convert input of any format into a single ePUB that supports multiple universal devices through epub2 to epub3 converter and other options.
  • Integrated multi-level OCR conversion engine that ensures content accuracy.
  • A cloud-based solution that effectively tracks every step of the ePUB conversion process.
  • Extensive innovation that supports ePUB conversion enhancements including pop-ups, assessments, and read-aloud features.
  • Handling unique requirements such as client-specific validation, customized HTML and CSS coding’s for complex designs, and interactive elements through automation.

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