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Achieving Quality & Service – epublishing Service Provider


The publishing market https://technavio.com/report/publishing – market-size-industry-analysis>is expected to grow by USD 23.73 billion between 2020-2024, according to the latest market research report by Technavio. All publishers across the world–want cost reduction and accuracy on the work outsourced. An e-publishing provider must have these goals in mind in their planning or pre- and post-production process. Lets understand the Qualities of an Exemplary epublishing Service Provider that provides best customer service.

Any management leader will put forward the significance of quality and customer service  A couple of  quotes are from “John Tschohl’s book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service, hits right at the heart of today’s most critical business problem and provides management with the guidance needed to eliminate the problem.”Dr. H. James HarringtonAuthor, Business Process Improvement


“John Tschohl really gets it. He knows, and helps you learn, that great companies are created by creating great customer experiences. At Metro Bank, our goal is FANS NOT CUSTOMERS, and John can show you how to revolutionize your business.” Vernon Hill, Chairman/Founder Metro Bank London

Let’s view the best qualities of an e-publishing service provider—

*Enhanced understanding of the subject’s need–

When a publisher pairs with an inshore service provider, there is a common culture that may be lacking in dealings with offshore. How to fill the gap and How to do that transition is essential, so that both speak the same expectation and needs.


*Integrated technology solutions–

Technology solutions for end to end pushing solutions are available with providers. With the help of the cloud, projects can be worked on by collaborators anywhere, round the globe. It manages access to all involved in the project–from Authors and Publishers–to Copyeditors and Typesetters. Without the overheads of the traditional office space–publishers can pick a project’s team from the global workforce, no longer limited by geography.


*Pronounced flexibility of options–

The cost of production will always be a consideration, but the nature of the work may demand a blended approach. If onshore suppliers and others by offshore can tackle some aspects of a project, publishers can tailor each plan to that project’s needs and remain within budget.

There are suppliers with both offshore and onshore facility.


*Upper-Level Editorial Quality

High perspective standards and access to onshore editing options confirm that—the content has the best chance of being recognised and related to as the author intended.

Professional project management is the heart of e-Publishing

service provider


Communication‘ is at the heart of any successful relationship. The precise and responsive interface allows projects to run seamlessly and without delays or misunderstandings, resulting in top-quality deliverables.

Tools and technology is the core to bring efficiency in project management.


Role of Editorial Project Management-

Project management is the best quality and heart of epublishing services. Whether — Editorial project management or digital project management, it is about active listening and communication. If the service provider has experiences and flexible project management team, the publisher will have a smooth transition to the delivery process. The provider must use quality data for better decision-making and creating best practices in project management–specific to the project.

Check out how they are Organising time effectively to maximise the impact and how they direct all the steps of a project, from budgeting and scheduling through execution to close. How they run a project successfully, delivering it on time and on budget. What are the technology, software, templates and tools to run the projects?


We at Versatile Premedia, https://versatilepremedia.com/ –an e-publishing Services Provider, provide bespoke solutions at affordable prices. Our epublishing & digital content transformation solutions are designed to add value to your entire publishing value chain system. We can handle content across various formats, devices, and languages. At our project management platform, we have completed hundreds of of book publishing work—delivering significant cost advantage, premium quality, and improved time-to-market to publishers.


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