7 services offered to authors in ebook typesetting to improve the quality

Ebook typesetting every typography designing process should contain all typographical elements in its design. Right white spacing, font size, and design choices will help in creating an outstanding layout as per the authors or publishers requirement.

Through professional typesetting, authors can save their ebook from looking like a simple college assignment or a report. A good typesetter ebook is always appreciated by the readers. Thus, typesetting service providers offer a number of layout design services to improve the quality of the ebook and make it more appealing.

  1. Headings: Every chapter heading is designed in such a way that it is attractive and eye catching. Chapter headings not only grab the readers’ attention but also help in retaining their interest throughout the chapter. Integrating images and graphic designs to the chapter heading turn them unique and add a personalized effect.


  1. Cover page: Unlike printed books there are no standard requirements for an ebook cover page. However, it is mandatory for an ebook cover page to be unique and creative as, being a powerful marketing tool, it has to stand out from its competitors.


  1. Illustrations and layout: Good and innovative illustrations add value to the ebook. Illustrations and layouts improve the quality of the ebook help the readers blend with the book. Thus, ebook typesetting experts choose colors and typefaces that evoke the emotion in readers.



  1. Font selection: In digital typesetting services, it is necessary to select the fonts with utter most care. The perfect font style should be readable even as a small image and appropriate for the content in the book. Every font style has its own tone. Thus, selecting the right font decides the tone of the book.


  1. Headers and footers: In eBooks, headers and footers assist in navigating through the book with ease and act as the spines in a fixed layout ebook. However, running header and footers aren’t required in reflowable eBooks.



  1. Video and multimedia: In eBooks, the videos can either be embedded in it or the link of video hosted elsewhere can be added. eBooks with large videos be messy. Thus, it has to be optimized to a reduced file size, so that is compatible with the ebook.


  1. Quality control: Quality and testing of eBooks completely differ from normal printed ones. EBooks have to undergo a number of quality checks such as code validation, proofreading, testing on content in different devices and checking basic quality standards of eBooks.



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