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EBooks are known to be the ideal cutting edge of technological development. Students do not have to carry–overburdening books to school. A small palm-size widget will hold all the piles of textbooks with absolute ease. Journals and textbooks are all available in our smartphones as eBooks, and therefore we need EBook Conversion Services.


In this era, eBooks are not limited to a desktop or laptop but supported in all widgets and devices. EBooks are a boon to all readers, and the advancement in technology has made it accessible in all widgets. It is like an icing on the cake.


Few known devices that are used in eBook reading are, Apple I pad, I phone Amazon Kindle, personal computers, Mac, and tablets.


EBook conversion services help in converting the standard word format of the book to compatible file types for EReading devices.

Selection of the apt eBook conversion service partner is essential, and it has to be made sure that budget, quality, and technology are taken into consideration.


Format in eBooks
  • MOBI: MOBI is the proprietary format of Amazon. This format is known to work only on Amazon devices like Kindle. Every book would require this version. This format can be bought only on Amazon store, as Amazon holds dominance over the eBook retail.
  • EPUB is a default format which is the short form for electronic publication. Epub is compatible software for almost all smartphones and tablets.


EBook conversion services provide guidance and help to work with reflowable formats like– EPUB and MOBI. These platforms allow the authors and publishers to avoid the middlemen and reach the readers directly.


With these formats, the content of eBooks is displayed across devices with the best design and graphics. The content errors created during the conversion are fixed, and editorial changes are made if required.


EPUB Conversion: EBook conversion services produce the best translations possible, at a competitive rate. The base EPUB file is created first, after which trained professionals do the checking. Finally, after the tests and changes, a quality eBook is obtained ready to be published across eReader devices.


MOBI Conversion: With additional precaution and quality checks, eBook conversion services convert EPUB to MOBI format. The converted MOBI file is tested on Kindle for a high-quality experience.


Versatile PreMedia delivers the entire spectrum of eBook solutions from conversion to distribution and marketing. As an expert in EBook Conversion Services by executing thousands of pages, Versatile PreMedia has inhouse build tech applications to bring process efficiencies and cost minimization goals under  control.  The perfect combination of technology and human competency facilitates extensive customization of eBook requirements in terms of validation tools, automated client unique coding requirements, and enhanced interactive features.

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