Digital Conversion Partner for eBooks and XML

The rush in the Digital Conversion Partner for eBook and XML conversion partner for your backlists titles, in other words- digitisation of publisher backlists has created the industry, which specialises in converting printed matter to eBooks. Digital conversion partners have developed sophisticated programs and processes to extract the text accepted, to produce eBooks. 

What is needed to be given to the Conversion Services?

While working with an outsourced conversion service, there are 3 common ways the publishers provide books. Namely—

*The Original file format—Some services take original format like Adobe InDesign. But if the book has never been published, the source of the file is likely to be—Microsoft word.

*Hard-copy book—Here its page by page scan that creates a large image, though readable is not editable. 

*Print-ready PDF—If this format can be obtained, its generally the best one for an outsourced-digital conversion service.

What’s next?

After source documents, the text, images and other information are obtained from the source, for further processing. 

Digital Conversion Partners invest many of their resources into making this particular part of the process more accurate for high volume customers, where they will tune the extraction tools to match the publishers content types and house styles.

Next in the process–is Mark-up, where the raw text is marked up to tag the design [structure] of the content, using a particular language. The two commonly used languages are—HTML OR 

XML -the first workflow production process. The XML conversion engine is used to convert the content XML structures can be changed, created, verified or validated with the help of XML Engine. 

Once the markup is done, a program can be applied to it, to output it in a new format. Your content is now transformed to the best publishing standards. 

  • EBook conversion service partners for medium to large publishers—This type suits higher volume publishers like Aptara, Datamatics and DCL, that have a long history in XML document conversion and service markets outside of publishing such as medical, legal scientific and technical too.  
  • EBook conversion service partners for small publishers—A selection of service providers help publishers from around the world who need to convert one single copy to small volume from a PDF or hard copy. 

Therefore, we need the best in class eBook production for rendering on all devices. Epub production service incorporates enhanced interactive elements in fixed layouts that change contents into interesting files for an engaging and participative experience. Versatile delivers an entire spectrum of eBook solutions –from digital conversion to distribution to marketing. 

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