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Digitization has become a necessity rather than a preference; however, the conversion process is packed with challenges, from multiple forms of inputs and outputs to the need for extensive interactive elements.

Versatile embraces these challenges through its multipotent data conversion service by converging human expertise with effective technology innovations such as its XML conversion engine. With a strong project management framework managing the entire process, our team specializes in digitizing extensive volumes of books and journals, including rare and fragile items.

Data Conversion Type


Comprehensive document scanning, as well as imaging, capabilities leverage Versatile’s inbuilt OCR conversion engines. With the ability to scan documents across a wide range of formats and resolutions, Versatile offers you the option to digitize any format of content with accurate data capture followed by extensive storage and archival.


Versatile has the expertise to create and customize DTDs and schemas specific to unique content requirements from publishers, as well as entirely adopt the customer’s DTD for seamless data conversion. The capabilities of our XML conversion engine are available to customers across all verticals and frameworks.


Convert any format of input content, whether printed books or extensive content databases, into any form of digital media, from ebooks to websites. An essential characteristic critical to every data conversion activity is accurate, effective, and smooth data capture. Versatile’s innovative OCR conversion engine has the ability to capture high volumes of data across 44 different languages.

What can you gain from our data conversion services?

A cost-effective approach of seamlessly converting content of any complexity with technology-enabled automation.

Quick time to market owing to standard turnaround times.

High-quality digitized content that is easily discoverable, easily navigable, and presentable.

Enhanced and interactive data conversion experience.

End-to-End automated process, with stringent, technology-driven content transformation and validation tools.

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