Copy editing for fiction and nonfiction publishers

It is important for the authors to realize that their manuscript would be competing with thousands of other similar works. A well edited book in all aspects can surely make a difference in the market. Today technology developments are reaching new heights in every aspect of life and are creating unavoidable changes in every sector. Copy editing is no exception to it.

In basic, Copy editors of fiction and nonfiction publishers check for jargons and alter the sentences based on semantics and format.

Fitness and reliability of the writing is improved by copy editing. In the copy editing process the manuscripts are reviewed and corrected, enhancing its readability. Inconsistency, error and repetition are omitted and the entire format of the content is refined.

With increased acceleration in evolution, copy editing has reached a new phase. Digital contents and online publishing have become common these days. Thus, to stand out from the crowd, making sure that the content is clear and crisp is mandatory in this fast moving world.

Below are a few updates in copy editing after the interference of technology.


  1. Publishers are able to search and come in contact with professional editors across the globe. Access to potential editors is achieved on competitive rates through internet. Thus, reduce in the cost consumption without any compromise over the quality of the content is made possible.


  1. Other than the format, grammar and content, these days, copy editors have to check for HTML and hyperlinks as well. Ensuring that these hyperlinks are placed right and accurate is essential.



  1. Due to digital publishing, there is a need for copy editors to concentrate on the visual digital appearance of the content. The content has to be appealing to eye in order to gain the attention of the readers.


  1. Copy editors do have the responsibility in making the content interesting by introducing new font styles, appropriate lists, tables and headers.


  1. Copy editing software come with special features from grammar – spell check to a rephrasing of the sentence. It locates the misspelled words and indicates when there is an inconsistency in the content.


  1. As there is a huge amount of data available on each topic over the internet, the need for fact-checking has increased.

Even though technology development has provided the copy editors of fiction and nonfiction with many benefits, today copy editors are facing global competition in all aspects.

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