Content personalization across digital media – more a necessity than just an option

Ever wanted to read a book but could not read the small font?


Or your device doesn’t support the particular format of the eBook?  


When your readers have special requirements on the font, style or format then content personalization is the way to go for you. Customization lets users make their own selections and set preferences on how information is organized or displayed. The advantage is that each user gets exactly what they want, on the device of their choice. Publishing companies need to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to deliver personalized content to users and drive value for all stakeholders.


Content customization – Driving engagement personalization

An eBook can be read on a variety of digital devices; in fact, on any digital screen. Some of the most popular devices that eBooks are viewed on are computers, tablets, smartphones or an eReader. Content systems should support multiple browsers, formats and devices that readers use. Publishers need to make sure that the content can navigate the device landscape. They need to provide customized content in the most appropriate format based on considerations related to user device, including screen size, display resolution, bandwidth, storage capacity, processing capability, and input mechanisms such as a touch interface.

Personalized digital books can be tweaked and altered to suit the requirements of the device better. These digital books also cater to the needs of the reader, be it fonts or style.  In fact, you can alter the reading material to your liking with a few clicks, as simple as that.

In today’s reader-oriented landscape, emphasis during an ePUB conversion must be given to content personalization & customization. It helps to –

  • Deliver personalized experiences across all devices
  • Tailor your content to the device and/or customer segment
  • Push new content instantly across all devices
  • Deliver customized reading experience w.r.t size, fonts, resolution, background etc.


Readers change. Their needs and interests change. They read digital books from multiple devices. They access from a number of different channels. The publishers need to satisfy all these changing requirements. Hence it is no surprise that for publishers and authors, content personalization becomes a necessity than an option. It becomes essential for engaging users, flexibility, productivity and accessing the right information anytime, anywhere.


Versatile brings technology-driven solutions that deliver an agile publishing experience across the digital media. Maximize customization by dynamically delivering personalized content across devices and channels using Versatile.  Engage a wider audience by building your content platforms across multi-devices through our EPUBuilder, that delivers intelligent transformation of content into smart, digital eBooks.

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