Collaborative author proofing for STM – coming a long way from error-prone, hardcopy markups

While the process of publishing a book is happening, working together on the same publication and even on the same page becomes important. Especially author proofing for STM and academic publishing, collaboration tools can help your whole team stay on top of queries and decisions, and real-time data can give deep insight into project management.

Recognizing the importance of real-time collaboration and automated tracking, publishers have started using digital solutions that will streamline the proofing process. This requires a simple and collaborative proofing tools where multiple authors can view, share, compare, correct and annotate their works. Enabling real-time collaboration, while multi author publishing, will improve output and performance by reducing the number of revisions required, shortening the review cycle, and increasing transparency of the review process.

Some of the benefits include –

* Collaborative proofing for STM enables multiple team members to simultaneously view, compare, and annotate on digital media (video, photo, graphics, layout, audio, labels) on any device and from any location.

* Online proofing technology enables users to automatically track all work in progress on one simple interface. This is a welcome change from the tedious chore of manually updating spreadsheets to track updates.

* It enables stakeholders to clearly markup changes on work and communicate these to all stakeholders. This makes it easy for all stakeholders to ensure the correct changes have been implemented.

* With author proofing for STM and collaborative tools, any internal or external stakeholder can log into the platform at any time and immediately see how the project is tracking allowing greater transparency and end to end approval workflows.

* Online proofing technology allows users to set automatic alerts to remind stakeholders when feedback or approvals are due or outstanding.

* Collaborative solutions provide a record of all feedback and changes that has taken place, so that authors can all be accountable for their individual work.

* It decreases the risk of compliance issues. All feedback is saved in one location, eliminating the likelihood of missed changes.

* With a transparent system, online proofing is less error-prone. This guarantees the accuracy of the final product.

In author proofing for STM publishing or multi author publishing, operational efficiency is important. Digital connectivity ensures instant communication, but for publishers and authors the everyday challenges of reading through or viewing pages, keeping track of progress and corrections can still be lengthy and error prone. Digital solutions that connect creative people collaborating together but remotely, can help save time, money and effort – all equally critical for success in publishing sector.

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