Why Does Your Book Title Matter the Most?

Are you having a hard time giving your book a perfect name, that fits the inside story? Well, you are not the only one. 

Let’s understand one essential thing– Your book title is going to create that first impression, which will make the reader either buy the book or discard the thought altogether. It can set a feel and create an expectation of doing good in the market. The ‘Title’ forms the basis of the reader’s judgment about your book.

How to Write a Perfect Book Title——There are a lot of things that the author needs to consider before finalizing the book title. They need to get the perfect fit or else the book won’t sell. 


Here are some areas that need to be worked on, to create the best possible chance of selling your book—-

  • Think from within your gut—–The deeper you go on your thoughts, the better your title will be. Make your title crisp and clear but sincerely from within.
  • Present an attractive and attention-grabbing title——-There are a million things that pull people’s attention, and you need a title that is nothing less than outstanding. There are many ways to grab attention- you can be provocative, questionable, exciting etc. Your title should attract people. 
  • Make it easy enough to pronounce the title—–If your audience finds it difficult to pronounce the title or feels it’s too long, then it can work against your chances of them liking it.
  • Compose it in a way that it speaks for itself— This is very important for non-fiction books. Your title must give the reader an idea of what the book is all about. The more comfortable you make it for the reader to understand the subject, the more likely you are to draw in more audience. For example, if you were to tell someone the title of your book and if they asked you what it was about, then the title is probably not up to the mark. 

               A title  that is clever indicates that the book is for people who immediately understand the words. This makes people who don’t get it right- feel unintelligent, and thus less likely to buy the book.

By using a word or phrase that does not convey the point of the book, you are blocking the path of your success. While your book title should be informative and easily understood, it does not need to shell out the whole book idea.

  • Be Clear about your design—–Spend more time to settle with a ‘Brilliant Title’ for your book, as it will largely determine what people think about the book and in turn your book’s success. Design it to your best. Imagine how the reader would feel sharing an excellent title to his/her friends’ verses feeling stupid saying a bad one. The least meaningful title is the one that makes someone feel silly, saying it out loud.
  • Short and Sweet—–Normally shorter titles are better. A short title is not only memorable and comfortable to say, but it also gives more flexibility for better cover design. Try keeping the main title around 3-4 words. The subtitle can offer context or tell a bit more about what the reader will learn.
  • Get Clarity on Your Book Goals—–Your book objectives determine the type of title you design. Your title options are quite different, with a difference in the kind of publishing. 

If you can see the reader confidently saying the book title aloud, and the people listening understand what the book is all about or ask for further explanation as it sounds interesting—then you certainly have got a good title.

Keep in mind, so much of book advertising boils down to word of mouth, and word of mouth is all about people passing on information to other people. You want your book title to inspire and motivate the right people to talk about it because it lets them signal the right things to their friends.

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