Book conversion partner for your backlist titles

Book conversion partner giving a brand new life to the old backlist titles and textbooks by converting them to eBooks is an incredible value addition – both in terms of revenue and reading experience. With the digital content and technology growing every day, backlist titles are converted to eBooks with ease.


EBook conversion has given a second life for the print only books those have been lying in the publisher’s shelves for years together. EBook conversion has turned out to be a feasible option. The overall process has got much easier and smoother compared to the earlier days. The old contents are converted to eBooks of high quality and accuracy. Thus, backlist titles are converted into the digital format by the publishers with loads of excitement as these old contents are merged with new distribution networks for huge success.


Digitalization of back listed titles is paving way to a number of benefits in its unique way.

  1. Through digitalization the contents are made available to a large spectrum of readers 


  1. Digital contents and the historic collections are preserved and are comparatively more protected than hard copies which are always prone to destruction or degrade with time.


  1. Accessibility of the content through different channels and devices is made possible.


Most of the backlist titles that are converted to eBooks are found to be in images or old PDF formats. Even for the backlist titles, there usually exists a digital format. All that it needs is that it has to be improved and processed to the current trends and standards.


When it comes to eBooks there are a number of digital formats that are available such as EPUB, MOBI, XML or HTML and there exists various distribution channels – as Amazon, Google scholar and Apple. The publishers have to make the right pick of the digital format and distribution channel for the eBook converted backlist titles to achieve a perfect reach. However, it is recommendable for the publishers to adapt to different versions in the same time to make it work anytime anywhere.


Book conversion partner is for the source type and author’s accessibility is what makes the difference. No matter whether the content is 100 years old or a decade, there is always a way to convert it into digital format. All that has to be done is to find the right solution that would provide the expected result. 

When there is access to authors, it helps in fine tuning the content and when the source type is consistent, the conversion process is easier.

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