7 points on why authors should care about typesetting

Every author’s focus always revolves around the eBook writing, editing and marketing services authors should care about typesetting. Thus, in most of the cases there is no attention given to the interior design of the book.

The interior design of every ebook plays a vital role in its market positioning and reach. However, it is underestimated when compared to the focus provided to the book cover design.

The typesetting is always considered as a laborious and cost consuming process by the authors and publishers, underestimating its potential in drawing readers. Every typesetter is trained to eye on every small detailing and mistakes to create a complete publishing. In most of the cases a typesetter work is not often rightly perceived by the authors, publishers and even the readers.


  1. Initiating a seamless and engaging reading experience is what typesetting service is all about. Typesetting do has an impact on the reading experience subconsciously, which is not often noticed by the authors and publishers.


  1. A good typesetting allows the readers to skim through the book with comfort and ease. It builds an invisible bridge between the author’s expression and the reader’s reception of the conveyed content.



  1. A small grammatical error or wrong usage of a word can spoil the essence of the reading experience completely. A simple typo can distract the reader and would make him lose the flow.


  1. An ebook’s interior design includes the font’s style and size, margin, typeface, header and footer. These digital formats give a neat look to the entire design and add glamour to the eBooks.


  1. Typesetting puts up a mark of professionalism and enhances the reader acceptance for that particular eBook. The subconscious environment created by these typesetting services helps the readers, receive the feel that the author wants to express.


  1. Mistakes and lose lines will destruct the entire soul of the ebook. Formatting and eliminating bad hyphenations, widows and orphans is mandatory which is often left unnoticed by the authors and publishers. Right font for the story chapter captions, drop caps and spacing have to be consciously decided.



  1. There are separate digital designs and formats for fiction and nonfiction eBooks as every format puts up a different tone and frame for that particular reading material. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right design to provide the readers with the right perception as intended by the author.



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