Project management within the publishing ecosystem can be quite overwhelming, with the innumerable steps, details, and responsibilities. What you need is a comprehensive solution that can empower your team to manage every stage of the publishing process with ease and efficiency.

Versatile’s PMP is a leading project management system that delivers a centralized operational model and extensively customizable workflow options within a secure and cloud-based environment.


PMP provides an effective platform for collaborating with all the stakeholders through its transparent and well-categorized communication system. Comment and chat features through an easy-to-use interface, real-time email alerts, flexible report options, and anytime anywhere access to information support PMP in facilitating smart communication.


PMP allows project-specific workflow definitions, with immense scope for customization. A micro-level visibility of stakeholder-specific stages ensures strict adherence to pre-defined workflows and smooth process management. Integrated data transaction features simplify file management, with smart version control of files and permission-based access.


Micro-level auto-scheduling helps simplify schedule creation, with extensive options to revise schedules, assess schedule implications of delays, and send real-time alerts and auto-reminders. Comprehensive and personalized dashboards provide every stakeholder role-specific visibility of the project and account.


  • Multiple stakeholder can access to project-relevant information and tasks – anytime from anywhere.
  • All the metadata information, data files, communication, and delivery schedules for a project under single window.
  • A innovative publishing experience that improves your process efficiency and reduces your operation and production time.
  • Easy adoption of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban principles in your publishing programs.
  • Highly secure with flexible, permission-, and role-based access to the system with cloud solution.

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